dijous, 3 de juny de 2010

hi todat i want to hang this picture because as you can see in this picture is a girl dead on the ground that has died from hunger.

The photographer who took this picture had sparse to see how many hours the child finally died before it arrived and could see how the vulture.The harsh reality is that a person has died as a child poderveure before and after the picture does not help the girl and leave there

Africa Million Voices

I leave here a video that is about the misfortunes of the Third World with little girls images of this video can imagine being hungry all the world to patin.





helps children of Africa could have a better future


Today I wanted to talk about a very urgent topic:
children in the African theme that everyone should heard about I think people are not consious about African children suffer from malnutrition, many diseases have no clothes and water is contaminated.
penju here a picture of a girl from Africa that will make us think a bit more on things that have and will help us to evaluate all mentalitzarnos cosese and wanted to help people who most need it as this little girl.

dijous, 20 de maig de 2010


Hi here is the link of one of the most beautiful songs I know.

Is dedicated to people who need some peace and relax.

This is the song


please lisent to this song is realy beautiful bye!

dijous, 13 de maig de 2010


Todey 13 of May of

This is my first BLOC and im realy intrested .

Heare i wan't to speak about the raw reality all the things that happend to us but we don't want to accept.

well this is my intrudaction about my bloc!

bye bye bye !
peace and love jajajajjaj